If you’ve got a passion for dress-up, affection for a particular fictional character or series, or ardor for crafting and presentation, it’s undeniable that cosplay is steadily gaining popularity in various circles of interest.

Asia GAME Festival is holding their first ever Cosplay Competition this year – and here are 5 useful tips for the interested competitor.

1.     Be Comfortable

In every competition, it’s important to impress the judges and the audience, but keep in mind that you’re probably going to be in costume for more than a few hours, so make sure you’re as comfortable as you can be in whatever you choose to wear. Don’t choose to suffocate yourself in a skin-tight PVC suit or heave bolts of heavy fabric onto the stage if you know you can’t take heat or tire very easily. Make sure you can handle whatever you’re wearing for long periods of time. If you need help, grab a friend to help you with your things. Don’t hesitate to seek help when you need it!

2.     Always be Prepared

It’s important to be prepared; don’t assume that anything will be done or prepared for you. If you want to be at your best, make sure to take control. Read the rules, and make sure that you’re not doing anything against guidelines; follow the riles, be punctual, and co-operate with the organizers.  Eat properly so you have the strength to perform your best, know your character and know your poses, prepare your own sound clips if you can so you know what music is going to be played and choreograph your actions accordingly. Although AGF only allows competitors to submit their own sound files for the finals, it’s good to always enter competitions with the expectation of being able to make it to the finals. Remember, preparation is the mother of Success!

Know yourself! Practice poses in a mirror to know how you look – is this angle flattering? Does this pose make me look strange? Knowing yourself and your costume is 50% of the battle!

Competition organizers are not going to help you with your costume. Be it scissors, duct tape, or a needle and thread, they probably won’t know exactly what you need, and let’s be honest – chances are that they won’t be able to provide the items you require to repair your costume or add on some last minute touches. Provide for yourself and you will not be in want.

If you have any questions, always ask them beforehand!

3.     Own the Stage

“There are no mistakes on Stage”. Like some seasoned performer once said, if you make a mistake, accept it and don’t allow it to mess with the flow of your performance. Whatever happens on stage, just go with the flow and adapt. The ability to adapt can sometimes decide your success on stage.

Own the stage and be confident! So, the other competitor might be taller than you, maybe she can carry off her outfit really well, or he’s a really good crafter – don’t be too concerned about your competition; you’re amazing and that will carry through. Have faith in yourself and your outfit, and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and show the judges and audience that this is your cosplay, and remember, there may be other cosplayers out there who have dressed up as the same character, but there’s only one you!

4.     Play Nice

“Do unto others what you wish done unto you” – wise words! Show respect to your fellow competitors, your judges, and organizing staff. Make friends and show sportsmanship. Help your fellow competitor if they need it. Just because the character you’re dressing up as might be rude doesn’t mean that you have to be. Keep in mind that it’s probably a stressful and anxious time for everyone involved in the event, so be polite and keep it cool. Being respectful and understanding can help you grow as a community and as an individual.

5.  Have Fun

Whether you win or lose, it’s important to have fun. Enjoy your time on stage, and just HAVE FUN!

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