If you’re a fan of Anisong, Japanese Pop or Rock, look no further, because Asia GAME Festival x ANISONIC has a fresh and exciting lineup for 2 nights of heart-thumping action.

Here’s what to expect for this musical extravaganza.


Performing in Singapore for the very first time, this all-female rock band from Osaka is ready to rock your socks off.

Comprising of 4 members, Sakika, Nagisa, Mina, and Mirei, who graduated from the same Performance Arts School as SCANDAL, GIRLFRIEND started activities in 2015, releasing their first indie single “360“, catching the attention of various record labels and agencies, and eventually signed with Avex and released their first single in November 2016. They were invited to be regulars on the morning talk show “music-ru TV” in the same year and released their first mini-album “Hello” in August. Their first major album was released in February this year.

With the average age of the band being only 17 years old, this young band not only writes their own songs but also do song covers of other artists. GIRLFRIEND has been marked as the next big all-girl rock band from Japan, so catch them live for their first international appearance right here in Singapore at Asia GAME Festival.



Hailing from Nagoya, Japan, ASAKA made her debut in 2016 with the release of her first single, “Open your eyes“; the ending theme of the anime series Occultic;Nine. Her music then proceeded to be featured in various anime series like A Centaur’s Life and Laid-Back Camp.

Being a fan of anime herself, she draws inspiration from artists such as May’n and Konomi Suzuki. ASAKA started with participating in singing competitions, winning the Chubu singing contest in 2014 before debuting as an Anisong singer herself.

Aside from being a singer, ASAKA also enjoys cosplay and is fluent in both English and Japanese. Despite being so new to the industry, ASAKA’s bright personality and powerful vocals make her an exciting addition to the Asia GAME Festival x ANISONIC lineup.



Finally back in Singapore are the seasoned performers, bless4! A Japanese vocal and dance ensemble from the United States made up of 4 siblings, AKASHI, KANASA, AKINO and AIKI from the Kawamitsu family. Being brought up in the United States, bless4’s brand of music is diverse and well received even outside of Japan.

bless4 made their debut in 2003 with the song Good Morning! Mr. Sunshine, the theme song for Fuji TV’s Major League Baseball. After AKINO made her solo debut with the Anime theme song Sousei no Aquarion and AIKI’s debut as a novelist with his book Heart Prints~Inochi no Hana~, bless4 then proceeded to write and sing the insert and ending theme for the Disney Anime TV series Stitch!, as well as other songs such as Kimi no Shinhwa~Aquarion dai ni shou for the anime Aquarion EVOL that placed #3 in the Oricon Charts in 2012 as well as opening theme songs for popular anime such as Kantai Collection: Kancolle and Amagi Brilliant Park.

Don’t miss them at Asia GAME Festival x ANISONIC!




Known for his covers of popular Vocaloid songs with his own twist as well as his colorful personality, this mysterious and highly entertaining performer is back in Singapore to perform under the ANISONIC banner once more.

With a whopping 156,000 subscribers on Youtube and 404,000 on Twitter, Underbar has foraged into streaming games on top of his active musical presence on platforms such as Nico Nico Douga and Youtube. A singer, songwriter, emcee, and entertainer, his music is a vibrant diversity of Anisong, J-pop, and Acapella.

Underbar had his first solo live in 2013, moving onto 4 more of such solo live tours in Japan, as well as participation in many other live events; the latest being iSTARFES in Tokyo. Catch this enigmatic performer on stage this Asia GAME Festival!



For the first time in Singapore, part of EBiDAN (Ebisu Gakuen Danji-bu), a collective group of male artists associated with the talent agency Stardust Promotion, PrizmaX is a 5-man Japanese boy band that was formed in 2002. Originally debuting as a 4-man dance group, PrizmaX went through a number of lineup changes and only made their singing debut in 2013 with the song Mysterious Eyes. They released their first studio-length album Gradually in 2017, that includes a remake of their first single, Mysterious Eyes.

PrizmaX’s members are Leader Tim Kurokawa, Rapper and Dancer Daiki Shimizu, Dancers Yuki Fukumoto and Tsubasa Shimada and main vocal, Win Morisaki, who recently appeared as Daito in Steven Spielberg’s highly popular movie, Ready Player One.

With smooth dance moves to accompany stunning vocal prowess, PrizmaX is a dance/vocal unit that has amassed over 250,000 followers on their official facebook channel internationally. Their music is a hybrid blend of R&B, HIP-HOP, and Funk that aims to tackle the World, starting at Asia GAME Fest x ANISONIC concert stage.



Last in our lineup is the popular Japanese Rock Unit originating from Adachi. Formed by childhood friends TEEDA and KENJIO3, their music aims to serve an “explosive” impact, their band name originates from the Japanese worlds “爆音” (Baku-on).

Inspired by bands like The Police, Smashing Pumpkins, Linkin Park and the Fugees, their unique style of music has won them a significant fan base not only in Japan but other parts of the world.

BACK-ON has produced many hit songs, releasing several albums, mini-albums, and singles, with their first major breakthrough being Chain, that was featured as the opening theme for the popular anime Air Gear, and subsequently both the opening and ending themes of the anime Eyeshield 21, as well as other titles such as Fairy Tail, Gundam Build Fighters, Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology.

As BACK-ON continued to promote their music, they’ve headlined gigs with other bands all over Japan and proceeded to have their first solo concert in 2007. Since then, they have debuted internationally, and the duo has received warm receptions when performing in the US, Mexico, Europe and other parts of Asia.

With steady support from fans, BACK-ON has started to experiment with a more diverse take on music, with TEEDA taking the helm with his experience in working with other artists in the industry; still loyal to their main goal of delivering music with explosive content while representing ‘the street flavor of Adachi‘ to the World.


So what are you waiting for?

With a good mix of veteran and fresh artists, Asia GAME Festival x ANISONIC is going to be jam-packed with amazing content.

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